Thunder light dialogue Company Ltd

Is managed since 1992 by Orna the exterminator. Orna is a specialist in all areas of pest control including: cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, termites, flies, etc….
The company also deals with eradication of mice, the removal of ions, green pest control,
evaporation, capturing snakes, snake prevention, thorn pine, etc…
The company provides professional pest control services 24 hours within the radius ranging
from Tel Aviv to Nahariya.
Summary of the pesticide process:
Once arrived at the client's area needed for extermination, identifying the hazard and deciding on the materials needed to be handled accordingly, comes first.
After deciding on the necessary materials, the exterminators examine the area of the house to provide further advice for the customer while identifying any additional hazards if they exist.
Once utilizing the pesticide, the client must leave the house for a minimum of one hour, depending on the type of pesticide. Further instructions will be given to the customer regarding exactly how he/she must maintain the pesticide control